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Head office (Czech Republic)
Hradská 280
396 01 Humpolec
Tel.: +420 777 740 457

Showroom Prague 
Vinohradská 130
130 00, Prague 3 
Tel.: +420 777 740 476

Daughter company (Slovakia)
Profil Nábytok, s. r. o.
Stará Prievozská 2,
821 09 Bratislava,
Tel.: +421 905 825 240


Furniture leasing

PROFIL - nábytek a.s. offers a leasing of furniture and other similar products from our storehouse.

This service is advantageous for some short or long-term actions e.g.:

  • for customer´s temporary need during the designing and manufacturing process due to its longer time
  • office furnishing for movable living homes used on larger building operations.
  • for fairs and exhibitions
  • for conferences and similar events

Financing of bigger projects

In case of bigger projects where a long-time of due date for payment or contract guarantee is required, we can recommend, according to your site and location, our verified and certified bank which will prepare your accurate proposal for project financing.

Reference on furnishing leasing:

Orange Bratislava, subsidiary Banská Bystrica town,

Hill´s Pet Nutrition Construction site of the Construction plant Hill Nutrice Hustopeče,

Zdravotní pojišťovna MEDIA Praha (Health Insurance Bank)

Kovoprojekta Brno, constructions in the Czech Republic

Demonstration and examples available from the referential project „Furnishing of the movable living homes“

on the action HILL NUTRICE Hustopeče.



In the framework of our services we are also ready to offer you a leasing of products from the medical and housing area.


Detska postylka_MIMIDětská postýlka_růžováDětská postýlka_v_koupelněDětská postýlka_kdekoliv_s_maminku


We offer this unique service to the long-term ill and immobile people forced to be lying longer or permanently in bed or in special armchair. It is very convenient for people returning home from hospital after operation e.g. and for long-term lying patients treated at home. The sitting part of this chair is higher than in ordinary chair and enables an immobile person to get up easily.

Leasing is arranged for an indefinite period. This armchair is also an ideal part of Terno Plus set.

Baby beds

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Additional leasing services

Our products are delivered to any selected place in the Czech and Slovak Republic, usually within 2-5 working days after the contract signing. When organizing the transport we fully respect customer´s requirements.

Deliveries are arranged and organized from the following service places:

Humpolec, Hodonín, Bratislava (SK)

Transport is charged according to the size of hired assortment, usually 0.5 EUR/km (there and back) and the same when products are returned.

We install the furniture at the delivery place and give the user any necessary information.

At the end of leasing our drivers will transport the furniture back. All parts, especially beds, are carefully disinfected.

It is also possible to carry out the required furniture from our company but without our installation.

But we inform the customer about installation conditions and safety during the handing over.

How to order products for leasing ?

Call numer 565 300 111

Additional information here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.