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Чешская республика (Czech Republic)
Hradská 280
396 01 Humpolec
Teл.: +420 565 300 111
Факс: +420 565 300 112

Showroom Prague 
Vinohradská 130
130 00, Prague 3 
Teл.: +420 777 740 476

Словакия (Slovakia)
Profil Nábytok, s. r. o.
Stará Prievozská 2,
821 09 Bratislava,
Teл.: +421 905 825 240
Факс.: +421 565 300 112



Design Shaker 22.3. - 25.3. 2018

This year we will have our stand at the Design Shaker too. We will focus on the office as a space which can be perceived by using all our senses. 

We are really pleased to have a chance to use our furniture for interior decorations in such a recognized company like PETROF.

This sofisticated high quality project of the outstanding scientific research institution is based...

The background is based on mutual personal attitude and discussions. We used our furniture line MOVE ME as a basis, but we modified it in different way pursuant to client’s needs.

WBTCB is the first company, which established the stone center for  its clients and offices for  its employees, where everything revolves around virtual currency -  the bitcoin.

In cooperation with the Schwestern Studio we ascribe additional design conversion apartment in our capital. Cats can not complain and the owners happily purring.

Who We Were, Are and Want To Be - catalogue Selected Places

Highlights from the November Newsletter:

  • Who We Were, Are and Want To Be
  • History of our company
  • The oldest realization

We are celebrating twenty-fives years in business in Humpolec. Thanks to loyal customers like you, Doe's has enjoyed many years of prosperity in this community. 

Highlights from the May Newsletter:

  • Family apartment in Prague
  • Degustation room in brewery
  • Company canteens

Highlights from the April Newsletter:

  • Senior residence Klamovka
  • Peugeot autosalon in Talinn
  • Barbizon Palace Amsterdam

Highlights from the March Newsletter:

  • MHA offices
  • Industra Art
  • Dormitory for students from New York

PROFIL NÁBYTEK, a.s ищет партнёров среди архитекторов и торговых компаний, имеющих опыт работы в мебельной отрасли, для ведения бизнеса в России и странах СНГ.

Мы занимаемся производством мебели для комплексного обустройства интерьеров в здравоохранении, социальном обеспечении, офисах, гостиницах и различных атипичных просторах.
Ближайшее представление фирмы, организованное министерством промышленности и торговли Чешской республики в сотрудничестве с ассоциацией производителей и поставщиков медицинских товаров, состоится в Москве 3-7.12.2012 на Международной выставке Здравоохранение.