Praktik II: furniture for healthcare facilities

We have long-term experience with designing furniture exactly in accordance with the needs of physicians.  We incorporated this experience into the extremely versatile furniture range Praktik II, which is sure to satisfy all your needs.

Praktik II: furniture for healthcare facilities

The Furniture of Praktik II – the ideal choice for healthcare facilities

When furnishing a healthcare facility, care must be taken to ensure the patient’s comfort as well as the practical needs of the staffModule furniture Praktik II is our largest collection of furniture for modern healthcare facilities. It is aimed at perfect ergonomics and functionality, while providing its users with a very wide range of options that you can make the most of within your projects.

Whether you need a pleasant environment in your doctor’s practice, nurse’s rooms or waiting room, module furniture Praktik II will always meet your needs.  It also allows you to create a number of different arrangements. This set is made from 18mm, laminated boards of either laminated or MDF.

The furniture of Praktik II is based on the already successful Praktik range.  You can add tables and cabinets to your set as well, thanks to the Profil and Progres furniture ranges. The Praktik II furniture range comes with a 3 year guarantee. 

What does Praktik II look like

Where the Praktik II furniture range stands out

The modern and versatile furniture range of Praktik II can be used in all healthcare and social care facilities.  In addition to the practical, durable tables and storage areas, Praktik II also offers a wide range of specialised products such as pharmacies, filing cabinets, and examination tables.  


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