Our tailor-made precision furniture caught the eye of German perfectionists


The interiors of a hotel in Berlin owned by Immobilen-Braun Gmbh & Co were designed to the last detail. They target young visitors to Berlin who appreciate the pleasant atmosphere, airy space and modern design. The furniture that was tailor-made by our company Profil Nábytek perfectly suits the overall concept. We successfully completed the project without any complications thanks to excellent collaboration with the investor and the architectural studio.

about:berlin Hotel

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Design under the baton of an experienced architectural studio

The concept of the new Berlin hotel is based on the requirement for uniqueness, spaciousness and the creation of a relaxing atmosphere. The project was developed by the architectural studio HIDDEN FORTRESS from Berlin under the leadership of the chief designer, Ingo Strobel.

We must admit that the studio has done an amazing job. All of the interiors feature a pleasant design, which is stylish and perfectly distinguishable from other hotels. One of the main advantages of the about:berlin Hotel are the luxurious rooms with generous dimensions, which ensure maximum comfort during your stay. This differs from many other projects that focus more on minimizing room space.


The furniture tailor-made for this extensive project was created over 2 years

Given the scale of the planned project and the demanding requirements of the investor and design studio, its implementation was a real challenge. Thanks to the excellent communication and good planning, everything was completed within the set deadline. We began to prepare the designer furniture in autumn 2017, when we made the first sample room and fine-tuned it to perfection.

In January 2018, the client approved the second sample room, so we could begin the extensive furniture production. Installation of the furniture in the rooms and the common areas of the hotel took place between May and November 2019. The complete implementation from design through assembly and construction work to finishing the work took almost 2 years, but the result is definitely worth it.


Complete furnishing of rooms by Profil Nábytek

We provided the complete production and assembly of the furniture in all of the hotel rooms for a hotel in Berlin owned by Immobilen-Braun Gmbh & Co. Each room has modern wardrobes, designer storage space, tables and chairs. We also oversaw the production of comfortable beds and the supply of metal accessories. Thanks to the above-standard dimensions of the rooms, each piece of tailor-made furniture stands out perfectly.

about:berlin Hotel

about:berlin Hotel boasts spacious and modern rooms.


Common areas - from the corridors to the lobby

Our work did not end with the design and implementation of the furniture for all of the hotel rooms. Based on the architectural studio’s design, we also produced tasteful skirting boards in the corridors and designer furniture for the lobby. High quality furniture from the Czech workshop thus decorates the reception area, lounge area and catering area.


A catering zone that will excite you with its playfulness

During the execution of the work, we were amazed in particular by the successful design of the catering zone, which the architectural studio did a great job on. The dining area included benches, tables and an impressive “hexagonal” wall decoration made from organic spruce boards. The furniture made of natural materials in light shades looks airy and natural.

about:berlin Hotel

The catering zone of the hotel is full of light and fresh greenery.


The successful incorporation of greenery also contributes to the creation of a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. This is found both in the “hexagon” wooden elements and in the ceiling ramps located under the skylights, which illuminate the space. It is also worth mentioning the catering counters that we made, which are lined with the unique dTile lining, made in the Netherlands. The tiles did not need to be cut as they have different modules, including precisely-made inner and outer corner parts. The use of dTile tiles clearly confirms that the architectural studio did not forget any detail when designing the interiors.

The long-term collaboration with the investor and designers paid off. A unique hotel was created in Berlin within two years, which will attract visitors with its innovative modern design and individuality. The customer is very satisfied with the results of our work. We really appreciate the successful implementation of a hotel in the center of Berlin; and when you are in Berlin, don’t forget to stay at this magnificent hotel right in the heart of the city. You will not be disappointed with about:berlin Hotel.


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