We transformed a former mountain school into modern apartments with a wellness zone


We transformed a former mountain school into modern apartments with a wellness zone

Over ten years ago, we decided to reconstruct an old school building in the Krkonoš Mountains and turn it into a modern accommodation facility that will serve our employees, partners and the general public. The apartments are situated on the southern slope and offer beautiful views of the valley and the peaks of the Czech mountains. In order to provide visitors with even more comfort when staying in the heart of the mountain landscape, we set out on a project to build a wellness zone and another apartment. At first glance, the extension impresses with its timeless design and subtle connection with the surrounding countryside.


The building resembles a lizard basking in the sun and looking out over the surrounding countryside.


The project was entrusted to the David design studio from Liberec, with whom we collaborated both on the reconstruction of the old school building and on the new extension. Collaboration with the David studio was trouble-free and took place in a friendly spirit. We designed the interiors and furnishings of the buildings together with the Schwestern architectural studio.


Relaxation house with relaxation facilities and an apartment

Attached to the main building of Apartment Stará škola, we built a new relaxation house with above-standard relaxation facilities for guests. The interiors are equipped with tailored furniture, which we designed to the last detail together with the Schwestern architectural studio.

The lower part of the relaxation house is set on a slope and impresses with its large south-facing windows and entrances. In this area, we created saunas, relaxation rooms, a cooling pool and a common room, which can be used as a residential studio. Right in front of the entrance to the relaxation part of the house is an outdoor lake, which fits perfectly into the surrounding environment. Above the relaxation area we built one open apartment with atypical proportions. The upper part of the house is black with metal cladding and its narrow, elongated shape resembles a lizard looking out across the slopes.


Enjoy the view of the countryside from the apartment both in winter and summer.


Natural materials are paramount

All of furniture in the extension to Apartment Stará škola was tailor-made in our own furniture company Profil Nábytek. A feeling of coziness and the great acoustics are provided by the oak floor together with plywood tiles. The aim of the project was to ensure maximum connection with the surrounding landscape so that the boundaries between interior and exterior were blurred. The interior furnishings, with furniture made of natural materials, are simple and minimalistic. The decor and colors are created by the materials used - wood, stone pavement, heraklith.

The naturalness of the interior is underlined by the drawing of wood and stone tiles. The metal accessories also attract with their colorful accents. The new apartment features a bedroom with low ceilings and a large bed, which is located above the hall and bathroom. The kitchen, dining table and living area are open to the ceiling over two floors, giving a truly magnanimous impression.

Apartmán Stará Škola v Krkonoších

Plywood tiles and oak flooring complete the natural transition between the interior and the exterior.


Timeless furniture tailored to the surrounding landscape

The new premises of the Apartment Stará škola corresponds to the original building and provides guests with an unusual experience from the living space. In collaboration with the architectural studio, we have succeeded in creating unusual interiors connected as closely as possible with the surrounding countryside. Large windows, terraces, balconies and the use of natural materials (wood, stone) add to this impression.

The apartment house and wellness zone feature a timeless design, untouched by passing trends and fads. This was also the case with the previous reconstruction of the original building of Apartment Stará škola, which does not age even though it was performed ten years ago.


The wellness zone offers relaxation after demanding sports activities

Apartment Stará škola is especially popular with winter sports fans. They can now recharge their batteries and regenerate their bodies after demanding sports activities. The interiors of the relaxation areas, as well as the rest of the apartment, also impress with their sparse colors and choice of natural materials. These include the spruce cladding in the sauna, wooden furniture accessories and stone flooring. During the summer, the plentiful greenery adds color to the interiors, with visitors can have direct contact with through the large windows. The beauty of the surrounding countryside can be seen both in winter and in summer.


Even during the construction of the wellness zone we paid attention to the use of natural materials and simple design.


We take care of the whole operation of Apartment Stará škola and strive to make all of our visitors feel at their best. This also corresponds to the requirements that we set when designing the extension of the wellness zone and apartment. The apartments can be used for rest and relaxation by all of our employees, but also the general public. Book one of the available dates and enjoy an undisturbed summer or winter holiday surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Krkonoš Mountains.


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