Projects in Africa

Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Republic of South Africa


NO_1 Doctor's office praktik - Two separate work desks extended by two optional cabinets of drawers, two lockable mobile containers. Double overhead cabinet with tilt-out doors. Laminated finish.

NO_2 CABINET ASSEMBLY - Cabinet assembly with drawers, wing doors and lockable wing glass doors. Including stainless steel sink and lever mixer. Laminated finish.

NO_6 PHARMACY CABINET - Pharmacy/medicine cabinet with lockable wing glass doors. Laminated finish.

NO_7 BABY CHANGING UNIT - Baby changing table with storage space. Desk covered with leatherette has safety raised forehead and sides. Drawers and two door cabinet at the bottom. Laminated finish.

NO_8 EXAMINATION BED - Examination bed with metal side legs and with storage cabinet. Laminated finish. Bed surface covered with leatherette. Hinged headrest.

NO_12 RECEPTION DESK UNO - L-shaped workstation with table top shelves. Including dock and drawer cabinet and lockable mobile container. Laminated finish.

NO_15 PHARMACY CABINET FOR DRUG DISTRIBUTION - Pharmacy cabinet  for sorting medicines with cascading shelves for clear storage of medicines and medical equipment. Built-in steel safe.

NO_16 WORKPLACE FOR NURSES - Single workdesk with same width overhead. Mobile lockable container.

NO_17 DOCTOR'S ROOM - Complete furnishing of the doctor's room with work desk, chair, shelves, coffee table with armchair, bed, wardrobe set, storage cabinets including drawers, top cabinets and hanging wall.

NO_ 22  CONFERENCE CHAIR - Stackable conference chair, black four-leg steel frame, grey plastic seat and backrest, without armrests, integrated linkage of the chairs to lines. 

NO_ 23  STACKING CHAIR - Stackable chair, four-legged chrome steel frame, upholstered textile/leatherette or plastic seat, perforated plastic backrest, colors according to the swatch


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