Atypical furniture solutions for the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU in Kladno


Supplying interior equipment to universities and other educational institutions requires an individual approach, taking into account the exact requirements of the tender documentation. Nevertheless, we are able to easily manage this. In the autumn of 2018, we fulfilled a contract for the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Kladno. We delivered all of the furniture for the entire KOKOS building, including the library, which was the largest part of the contract.


Quality furniture for work, study and relaxation

Universities are not just centers of education, they also serve to ensure administration, representation, meetings, as well as rest and relaxation. Our approach to the implementation of furniture for the interior spaces of the KOKOS building for the CTU in Kladno took into account the function of the individual rooms.

We completely equipped the offices, meeting rooms as well as student rest areas. Each piece of furniture corresponds to its function and excels in it design in relation to the unified style of the university. Due to a combination of materials (metal and wood), we produced durable furniture, which can easily withstand everyday use and ensure maximum comfort.


Atypical spaces require atypical solutions

When providing furniture for CTU in Kladno, we had to follow the detailed specifications of the tender documentation, so we bet on an atypical solution. We tailored every piece of furniture to the needs of a particular area. We used on the proven Progres furniture range, which combines quality and elegance to provide functional and ergonomically balanced equipment for any interior.

The elements from the above-mentioned furniture range were mainly used in the design and construction of cabinets and table tops. During the production of metal shelves, we designed a complete atypical solution with an emphasis on the specific requirements and parameters of the client.

Atypical furniture solution

Library equipment that can withstand the load of heavy books

The largest part of the delivery for the KOKOS building in Kladno was equipment for the university library. We had to be particularly careful in the design and elaboration of metal bookshelves. They had to be subtle, lightweight, yet with a heavy load-bearing capacity. This resulted in solid shelves with a modern design able to withstand the load of heavy books without any loss of stability.


We managed to assemble the interior equipment within three days

The production of all of the furniture for offices, meeting rooms, rest rooms and the library was both technically and organizationally demanding. However, thanks to the precise tender documentation and good planning, we managed the entire implementation quickly and without any problems. Once we had all of the equipment ready, we only had to assemble it. Despite the large scale of the contract, we managed to assemble the equipment in just three days. Students, staff and university visitors were able to enjoy all of the benefits and comforts of the new equipment at the beginning of the autumn semester.


Producing furniture for educational institutions makes us happy

We are pleased to be involved in creating good facilities for quality full-time education. We have extensive experience in the implementation of atypical furniture solutions with an emphasis on design, functionality and comfort. In the past, for example, we have implemented interior spaces for CTU CIIRC Prague, which have served their purpose well for some time. Contact us, we would be pleased to design furniture that will make you happy.


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