PROGRES office furniture

Arrange yourself and your office employees in a way that works well for everyone. Progres office furniture will open up a many possibilities for you.  

PROGRES office furniture

Progres furniture – your variable office

Smartly and efficiently furnish your office to take advantage of every inch of space, that suits you and your staff. For you, the Progres office furniture will be an ideal companion. It is our widest range of furniture, from which you can easily build functional and ergonomically balanced furniture for any office interior. 

The Progress furniture range is a combination of quality and elegance that will always create a comfortable working environment for you.  The combination of desks and storage furniture creates a configurable workplace for smaller and large-sized offices with varying degrees of options.

The Progres furniture series comes with a 3 year guarantee. An alternative to this range could be the Polygon and TAK office furniture ranges.

Take a look at the full range of our office furniture in our portfolio.

What does Progres look like

What Progres office furniture has to offer

Progress office furniture has everything you need for your office, whether it’s a small reference work area or a large open plan space.  Take advantage of the highly-adjustable desks, cabinets, cabinet containers and chairs from this range.  


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