Take a look at our production hall! We have mapped out the entire production process for you


Take a look at our production hall! We have mapped out the entire production process for you

Production at the new premises of Profil Nábytek is running at full speed. Thanks to innovations and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we have been able to shorten the production process and simplify its control. We have successfully managed to implement a production concept based on automation and digitization. We have optimized production and significantly accelerated the processing of orders, with an emphasis on carpentry tradition and top quality final products. Are you interested in the path that leads from the design to the completion of the final product? We have mapped out the entire production process just for you and described the technologies we use.

Short delivery times and even higher product quality

When we decided to move from the center of Humpolec to a new complex after more than 28 years, we set a number of goals. In addition to improving the working environment, the key thing for us was the construction of a brand new production hall, which will shift our production a further step forward.

We have equipped our 4500 m2 hall with the most state-of-the-art machines and technologies. They have successfully passed the stress test and improve the quality of the products on which our company has long been built. The optimization of production has accelerated the processing of orders, which is reflected in the shortening of delivery times. Do you need to equip your offices, hotel or other interior space with functional, durable furniture and are you pressed for time? Then contact us, in cooperation with architects we will embellish your premises to perfection, without long waiting times.


New technologies focused on automation and digitization

Even when planning to move to the new production hall, we knew that relocating previously used machines would not lead to the desired results. Therefore, we decided to invest in a completely new technology that will provide full automation and digitization of production. We acquired a cutting center, state-of-the-art technology for edging edges, a CNC center with edging of shaped parts, a continuous drilling center and many other machines. See how we work with these technologies and how we use them in the furniture production process.


What does production at Profil Nábytek look like?

1. The preparation of material needed for less bulky and materially-different orders is a complex process. To solve it, we use a chaotic warehouse, in which the acceptance and planning of the consumption of large materials for the cutting center takes place. The facility guarantees the careful handling of materials, maximum yield and helps reduce handling costs.

Proces výroby 1.jpg

A production hall and all of our departments are together in the new headquarters.​


2. For serial production, we bring large material into the cutting center. We do everything to ensure maximum care in the subsequent handling. In this step, the material is carefully prepared for the cutting center by dividing it into several boards.

Proces výroby 2.jpg

Large material is brought into the cutting center with maximum care and attention.


3. State-of-the-art processing of all surface material is performed on the new cutting center. In order to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of subsequent operations (edging, CNC machining), we attach labels with EAN codes to the individual parts. Identification helps us to determine the causes of any non-conforming parts. A decrease in the number of non-conforming parts was confirmed during the test operation.

Proces výroby 3.jpg

Labeling in our new cutting center helps find non-conforming parts.​


4. This is what the new production hall looks like. The extra space has helped us improve the logistics of the subsequent production processes. We have ensured the safer handling of materials, which has led to a reduction in the number of damaged semi-finished products.

Proces výroby 4.jpg

Take a look at our new production hall.


5. We have previously introduced the technology for gluing airTec furniture edges to you. This device from Homag provides precise edges so that they blend in with the edged part. Seamless edging has long been talked about as the technology of the future, so we are glad that we are also successfully using it in our production.

Proces výroby 5.jpg

Seamless edging is often called the technology of the future.


6. The new CNC center with edging has improved the quality of machined furniture parts. Due to it being linked with the identification technology using EAN codes, we have also minimized the error rate and increased production efficiency.

Proces výroby 6.jpg

We also place emphasis on the minimization of production errors.


7. Drilling into edges with subsequent pinning is also very accurate due to the use of EAN codes. In addition, the operator no longer has to perform the time-consuming programming of the machine. The accuracy and quality of the technology is reflected during completion on the assembly line.

Proces výroby 7_

Accuracy and quality during assembly is guaranteed.


8. In the next step, the furniture is completed and assembled according to the project documentation. This is connected with the identification of parts using labels, whereby significantly reducing the error rate and the complexity of assembly, which is followed by a final quality control.

Proces výroby 8.jpg

The completion and assembly of furniture is followed by a final quality control.


9. The safe transport of the final products is very important to us. Therefore, after the final quality control of each piece of furniture, we carefully pack everything to guarantee customers its flawlessness and completeness. We place maximum emphasis on quality protection.

Proces výroby 9.jpg

Quality product packaging is important to us.


10. The entire production is interconnected by a unified information system. This monitors everything from order confirmation through the production documentation to the issuance of shipping documents. This ensures the completeness of the entire order and its timely shipping.

Proces výroby 10.jpg

You can rely on timely shipping and delivery.


11. The furniture is shipped directly to the customer. This is planned once the order begins production and is directly related to the delivery date agreed with the sales department. Profil Nábytek places emphasis on the expertise, communicativeness and friendly approach of all assembly workers who bring the final product to the customer.

Proces výroby 11.jpg

You always know exactly when your delivery will arrive.


We make most of our components ourselves. In the production hall, we also have our own metal production, in which we make bases, metal constructions for furniture and other products (e.g. the popular TAK hangers are made from reinforced steel).

Proces výroby 12.jpg

We have our own metal production.


We make solid wood blanks on a large industrial sawmill, which is located outside the production area.

Proces výroby 13.jpg

We cut blanks on an outdoor industrial sawmill.


By linking all of the production processes to a unified information system and using advanced automation technologies, production is accurate, fast and maximally optimized. If you need quality furniture in any volume, then contact us. On request, we will personally guide you through the production hall and demonstrate our technologies in practice.



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