University of New York student halls in Prague


Challenging university studies require high-quality facilities, where students have good conditions for education and relaxation. The renowned educational institution, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) knows this and it reached out to us with a request to design and build interior furnishings for student halls. A new range of furniture was created for this project, which is characterized by a pure modern design, simple shapes and maximum functionality.

UNYP Prague

Each room is equipped with a bed, wardrobe, work desk and wall-mounted shelf.


“Furniture package” suitable for all students’ needs

The UNYP student halls are located in a historic building with different-sized rooms. For this reason, when designing the project, we did not follow the way of built-in and tailor-made furniture. On the contrary, we designed a new collection of several basic furniture elements that can adapt to the layout of individual rooms. This created a “furniture package” for students, consisting of a bed, a wardrobe, a workbench with integrated drawers, and a shelf hanging on the wall.

We based the design of the furniture on the requirements of an enlightened investor, who placed emphasis on a modern pure design, maximum functionality, durability and affordability. The final solution is the result of long deliberation and consultation and is based on several different options that we have presented during the design of interiors.


Mechanically resistant furniture that lasts

We designed all of the elements in the new furniture range to withstand the demanding mechanical stress of frequent use. This was also one of the main requirements of the investor UNYP, who wanted to eliminate costly repairs to interior future.

During the planning phase, we used the furniture collection for hotels and restaurants, which is highly durable and the robustness and quality of the material used are crucial. The beds, wardrobes, work desks and shelves are made taking into consideration everyday use and even less gentle handling. They will retain their functionality and eye-catching appearance for many years.

UNYP Prague

The wardrobe is equipped with a clothes rail, shelves, drawers, as well as a safe for valuables.


Simple-shaped equipment impresses with its functionality

The new furniture range designed for the UNYP student halls project is characterized mainly by its functionality, which is underlined by its simple shapes and the apparent simplicity of the individual elements.

In the lower part of the bed there is a pull-out box, which is divided into two parts. The first serves as a pull-out bedside table and bookshelf, and the second as storage space. The wardrobe is simple at first glance, but is complemented by a range of practical elements. There is a clothes rail, drawers, shelves and a safe to store valuables. You will not find classic doors on the wardrobe, they were replaced by a fabric curtain, which visually softens the impression of strict lines, while at the same time providing good-quality acoustics.

UNYP Prague

The bedside table and practical storage space can be pulled out from the bed.


An emphasis on functionality is also apparent with the work desks. We replaced the drawer containers that could be luggage when sitting, with spacious drawers integrated in the work top. The urban-style interior furnishings impress with their monochromatic color scheme and the absence of disturbing elements. The spaces encourage users to focus as much as possible and work effectively.

We also made use of our experience with furniture for hotels and restaurants in the UNYP student halls project. The investor is satisfied with the quality and design of the furniture and it is appreciated by the students themselves. Do you want to a closer look at of what the individual pieces of furniture look like and what elements they consist of? Take a look at our gallery or contact us


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