Retirement home in Pacov

· place · Pacov

· year · 2020

· photo · Michala Pavlíková

Retirement home in Pacov

The retirement home is located in a quiet area of Pacov, in the immediate vicinity of a nice pond. Housing and social services are designed to provide clients with a dignified life in accordance with their individual needs. The organization wanted to provide its users with a higher standard of service, so it decided to design a new extension, which will also be equipped with modern furniture.

In the new extension of the retirement home you will find furniture designed by architects, which is in many ways similar to our successful Praktik II furniture range. It is directly adapted for use in healthcare facilities, where strict requirements are placed on ergonomics and functionality. The design of the furniture for the retirement home was based on the design of the architects who consulted with us. Several modifications were made based on our suggestions so that the whole production was easier, and our technological procedures could be used. This modern and functional furniture can be found, for example, in the 50 double rooms for which Profil Nábytek supplied built-in furniture.


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