Furniture from the TAK and MOVE ME ranges plays a prominent role in Testiana’s offices


Furniture from the TAK and MOVE ME ranges plays a prominent role in Testiana’s offices

News certainly spreads fast! We are pleased that our customers pass on their recommendations of products from the Profil Nábytek workshop and bring new clients to us. Others reach out to us after coming across our website and being captivated by the uniqueness and authenticity of the furniture we produce. This was also the case with the IT consulting company Testiana, which was impressed by the MOVE ME and TAK ranges. Testiana moved to new offices in Chodov and needed their furniture supplied very quickly. See how we dealt with the challenge and which solutions we opted for.

Testiana s.r.o.

The workspaces are complemented by elegant decorative elements.


Furniture in three weeks? We can do it!

The implementation of office space at Testiana was a challenge due to the limited time made available to us. The company needed to equip the offices as quickly as possible so that it could continue its IT consulting activities without any delays. We did not want to be hasty with the selection of the interiors and make compromises that would degrade the impression of the resulting space. That is why we agreed with Testiana to divide the contract into two parts.

In the first part, we supplied standardized furniture, specifically a table and containers from the MOVE ME furniture range, within three weeks of establishing cooperation. Hence, the offices were quickly equipped with basic furniture and were ready for use. In the second part of the contract, we had enough time to play with the space and, in cooperation with our designer, completely unify and consolidate a pleasant working environment. In the standard time, we prepared all the drawing documentation and visualizations of the interiors and began to produce the furniture. This included both standardized products (for example TAK tables) and atypical ones (bespoke kitchenettes).

Testiana s.r.o.

The TAK worktable made of ash wood with a natural plywood desktop covered with linoleum equipped with practical storage space for plug sockets and cables.


Offices with an emphasis on pure functional design

The IT company Testiana provides testing services in various areas. Therefore, it needed to create spaces that represent and follow the company’s philosophy as well as ensure the right conditions for deep and focused work.

A combination of furniture from the TAK and MOVE ME ranges met these requirements very well. The pure functional design is evident in all of the implemented spaces – in the meeting room, office with a kitchenette and manager’s office.


Focusing on detail

By splitting the contract into two parts, the designer had enough time to play with the spaces and fine-tune them to the last detail. At the customer’s request, we complemented the furniture from the TAK and MOVE ME ranges with metal components. In the offices you will find many natural elements that give the space a cozy feel. The design is underlined by decorations in the form of paintings, photographs as well as small and large flowerpots.

An interesting element in one of the offices is a wooden wall with shelves, which makes the space feel special and frees it from the stereotypes. It also plays a practical role by covering the technical equipment in the offices – cabinets for a printer and office supplies, as well as a cloakroom. Despite the fact that Testiana’s new offices are sober and simple, there is no shortage of small details and modifications.

Testiana s.r.o.

The offices allow for focused work and also provide a pleasant environment to be in.​


Except for a few minor complications that occurred during the implementation (for example, uneven walls for the built-in furniture), the cooperation ran smoothly. We are happy that we were able to create an office space together in such a short period of time, which provides a new impetus for work and the continuous overcoming of challenges.


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