Provision of offices, meeting rooms and reception for WIA


WIA is one of the leading providers of modern telecommunications services for corporate clients. In the first half of 2019, the company moved its headquarters to new premises, which it wanted to equip with environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials. Therefore, it turned to our company Profil Nábytek, who produced and assembled the furniture for offices, meeting rooms and the reception. The new modern premises were created in cooperation with our internal architect, and were complemented by plenteous amounts of interior vegetation.

MOVE ME furniture 1

We selected MOVE ME furniture for the new offices at WIA, which works great in combination with environmentally-friendly materials and interior vegetation, thanks to its design and bright colors.

WIA bet on the MOVE ME furniture range

During relocation to its new premises, the company launched the Green WIA project, which mainly involves optimization of the energy from its extensive telecommunications network. In accordance with this philosophy, it wanted to equip its premises with modern and environmentally-friendly furniture. After meeting our company, it finally decided on office equipment from the MOVE ME furniture range. We supplied precisely-produced laminated tables with natural elements, cabinets with storage space for folders and screens for separating combined workplaces.

MOVE ME furniture 2

Emphasis was placed on ecology and a modern look.

The production and supply of the selected furniture was a big challenge for us. We only had three weeks to produce 35 workplaces and two meeting tables. Moreover, we ran into complications with the supply of materials. Nevertheless, we managed everything within the given deadline, before the official opening ceremony of WIA operations in the new premises. Today, the company works in a pleasant office environment and is gradually ordering other pieces of equipment due to its satisfaction with the furniture from the MOVE ME range.


The layout of the office space was placed in our hands

We began the project for WIA during the reconstruction of the building, so we had a unique opportunity to intervene in the design of the layout of the office space. We designed the arrangement of the table sets without relying on electrical installations, which were installed on the approved project.

During the project we offered several possible alternatives, which we fine-tuned along with the owners of the company to our mutual satisfaction. Our interior architect Ing. Michal Váňa, worked on the interior design. Once again, we confirmed that Profil Nábytek is able to manage the entire project from consulting, through designing and budgeting, to production and assembly.

MOVE ME furniture 3

A spacious table and comfortable chairs make every meeting with colleagues and clients more pleasant.

Vegetation and vertical gardens highlight the emphasis on ecology

In accordance with the newly launched Green WIA project, the client incorporated an above-average amount of vegetation into its new office space. The offices and meeting rooms were rejuvenated by large numbers of plants and eye-catching vertical flower gardens. The MOVE ME office furniture is a perfect match with the interior vegetation for creating a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

MOVE ME furniture 4

 Offices rejuvenated by vertical gardens full of lush plants.

We also rejuvenated the reception desk

In addition to office and meeting room furniture, we also created the equipment for the reception at WIA. In accordance with the philosophy of the company, the attractive and lavish look of the reception is completed by the eye-catching reception desk. It is made from a combination of CORIANU artificial stone and laminated boards. We added a LED backlight to the reception desk, which creates a pleasant atmosphere even in the early morning or evening hours.

We are pleased that we were able to participate not only in the production of office furniture, but also the layout of the new premises for WIA. Are you considering reconstruction or implementation of your company premises? Then contact us, we will be pleased to present you with various solutions that are sure to excite you.

MOVE ME furniture 5

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a lavish reception desk.


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